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Superior Construction

  • 1/4" or 1/2" mahogany plywood with
    variable laminate coverings
  • Double Edge Aluminum Extrusions
  • Heavy Duty Tongue and Groove

Double edge extrusion is an extruded aluminum angle featuring an outer and an inner wall. This provides a slot or channel for 1/4" and 1/2" laminates to sit in.

Once seated in the extrusion slot, the laminate and extrusion are glued and stapled together. This method is far superior to the more common method of pop riveting the extrusion to the laminate. The surface to surface contact combined with our special adhesive provides maximum strength.






Aluminum Tongue & Groove Extrusion

The tongue and groove extrusion is fastend to the body of the case and to the lid, or cover.
When the case lid is closed, or a rackmount cover is clamped on, equipment is well protected from hazardous external elements.

In the demonstration on the left we see how when the tongue is depressed into the groove portion of the extrusion, exposure to dust or water damage is completely eliminated.



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