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Stanley Cup

The Stanley CupThe Stanley Cup: The Hardest Trophy To Win

It's been said that the hardest trophy to win in all of sports is the Stanley Cup. The Cup has a history that is almost as old as Canada itself.

Having designed and built many cases for some of Toronto's professional sports teams, Clydesdale™ was the perfect choice to build several cases for hockey's Holy Grail.

At Left: The Stanley Cup is displayed in a Clydesdale™ Hinge Lid Case.
This Heavy Duty case has all the standard heavy duty features including
Recessed Handles, Heavy Duty Ball Corners and Double Edged Aluminum Extrusions. Customized with Dark Blue Fiberglass Laminate and 4" Caster/Corners.

Caster CornerA case equipped with Caster/Corners on one end of the case allows the case to be lifted by one handle and rolled to any location similar to luggage with wheels.
Just another of the many options available with Clydesdale cases.


Clydesdale - Toronto

Clydesdale - Vancouver

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